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Doctor Echo
Doctor Echo

Doctor Echo a.k.a. Justin DeHart has been making dub music since 1992. His current solo record sounds as relaxing as its possible to get. This mostly instrumental record moves carefully and flows into a whole. "Blue Sky" sees the nicely named Nkosazana Shihada murmuring softly. The track sounds very much like the Orb did in the nineties.

Tim Conroy's trumpet is a nice touch. The downright surreal ghostliness of "Newland Dub" has a restless rhythm spinning way too quickly for any dancer to follow, but the backbeat is narcotic and slow. Such contradictions make for interesting listening. "Mix that Hits like Bricks" features M.C Ground Chuck who is rather low in the mix, but still makes his presence known, muttering 'so what is that'. You might wonder as the spidery track weaves on. The doctor is in the house and I'm sure he'll see you now.

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