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The Ebb and Flow
Time to Echolocate
Three Ring Records

Feeling rebellious?

Listening to 'Time to Echolocate' made me feel rebellious, and resulted in the following daydream scenarios:
Scenario a) I get involved in a direct action group which uncovers the illegal liaison between some local politicians of Oslo and the car manufacturer industry, designed to make cycling impossible in the city, hence boosting car sales. The direct action group to which I belong scare the corrupt politicians (by haunting them at night, dressed as dead cyclists) and decent cycle paths start to appear all over the city.

Scenario b) I start breaking norms. For instance, I no longer feel compelled to dress according to fashion or even appropriately. If fact, I have completely stopped worrying about how I look. This frees up a lot of time that I choose to spend chatting to disillusioned people who sell things on the high street and I call telesales people and ask them how they are (They are not good). I speak my mind to strangers, telling the cashier girl with red curls in the supermarket that her unfriendliness depresses me. I tell the angry driver who shouts at me for cycling in the car lane that he should calm down and start to worry about real problems (this counts for the 'old' me as well, actually). I invite him for a cup of coffee at the nearest cafe to talk about the real matters of life (or maybe to find out what they are?).

Scenario c) I give up my career plans, dye my hair black and learn how to play the drums. When I realise I will never be any good, I sell my drums. The money buys me a ticket to Tasmania where I discover my up-until-now hidden talent for surfing (during which process my hair goes back to being blond).

Back-up alternative in the very likely case I chicken out: d) I strive to be slightly mischievous on an everyday basis. I will start today by........ (If you have any good ideas, please write me an email!)

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