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coverpic flag US - Alaska - Full Moon 110 - 09/18/05

Rory Stitt

The artist formerly known as Rory Merritt Stitt releases an album that was recorded live. But there's no audience to be heard clapping and only new songs. The pianist defies easy categorization again. The theatrical sometime actor goes into the bullring with his impressive third album. "The Midnight Eye" sees a reflective Stitt reminding me of Tori Amos with stunning piano work and kooky singing. If she has a long lost male twin it's him. Then just as I thought I had him pegged he emits a soulful and unique growl.

"Battle to Battle" has him doing brilliant things with his trusty piano and flexible vocal chords. "Under the Water" is a reflection on love's darker side, Stitt's approach is hardly tortuous though. "The Passing" is just plain beautiful and reminds me of how great an instrument the old joanna can be.

Taurero is a stripped-down and intimate experience and shows Stitt's talent at its finest.

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