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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 112 - 11/16/05

The Rakes
Dim Mak Records

The Rakes new EP has a neat line in danceable, Franz Ferdinand-rivaling rock. The title track with its haughty "everything is temporary these days" chorus and spastic guitar is the prime indie disco candidate. It's also present in a robotic remix form.

"Strasbourg" is a maddeningly catchy, furiously riffed track. "Who needs Strasbourg?" they shout over a Fall-ish beat. "Something Clicked and I fell off the Edge" approaches Magazine's jerky new wave, but without Howard Devoto's extreme paranoia and fierce intelligence to guide it.

The band is not as popular as the aforementioned Franz guys, but they are just as good at getting indie boys and girls to dance. This should be encouraged.

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