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DJ-Kicks: Annie
!K7 Records

Bubblegum-Annie is the second Norwegian (following Erlend Øye, Kings of Convenience) to DJ in !K7's series of DJ-Kicks. Quite understandable since Annie is an acclaimed DJ worldwide, as well as being an electronica-popstress with grace and talent.

The DJ-kicks series is sort of a DJ-stand for artists to play around with a bunch of their favourites, along with some of their own stuff. Mix, scratch, spin. And Annie has brought along a stretch of artists counting Alan Vega, Le Tigre, Death From Above 1979, Bow Wow Wow, to name but a few, along with her own "Wedding" (co-written with Röyksopp) and "Gimme Your Money" (co-written with Timo Kaukolampi). It's sort of amusing, and highly danceable, but I must say this disc appear to be a better idea (and it's maybe also meant to be) for clubbing and late night dance floors. As a record it's somewhat tiresome and confusing as a listening only experience. Enjoying club-life guided by many of the tracks included here must surely be some other cup of herbal tea.

Death From Above 1979's "Black History Month" is one of the better tracks. Besides that: go see the dance floor instead. Or buy Annie's Anniemal.

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