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Miracle Mile
Me Me

Somehow Miracle Mile have made six albums that appear to have slipped by mostly unnoticed. Trevor Jones and Marcus Cliffe are perhaps too polite and understated in their approach to music to make a big commercial splash, which is a shame.

Jones has a soft but compelling voice and a way with a winsome tune. "Paper Planes and Ponytails" is nostalgic in a sweet way. It's a very grown up tune that merges Aztec Camera with Prefab Sprout. "An Average Sadness" deals with depression in what appears to be an honest way and its tune is gorgeous. "Heels for Dust" revisits a not too pleasant childhood memory and does so well. Jones trembling voice brings an emotional depth to it.

"The Secret Fold" is a spoken-word song that's both poetic and wistful. Again it mentions childhood but it goes deeper than that. Miracle Mile is a lovely group and I hope more people will this record.

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