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Digitalis Industries

When I was 17 years old, my Grandma made me a quilt to take away with me to college. She also let me have a couple of the duck down pillows that were shot and made by her parents, my great-grandparents. I loved those pillows. The quilt was pieced together with these little square suit samples that they used to send in the mail sometimes. She had been saving them for years, just for this quilt.

Lovely and wooly, dark fields of itchy swatches. Some solid and felty. Some checkered and gauzy. But, a little bit of everything.

Much like this dense and dynamic Kyrgyz Project.

Despair and Charisma. Loneliness and Courage. Beauty and Emptiness. Wonder and Valour. Magic and Hope. Humor and Horror. Faith and Frustration. Warmth and Pleasure.

Warmth and Pleasure. Pull this one up to your chin and close your eyes.


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