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Pet Shop Boys

I'm not sure what was my first pet. Was it the wild cat named Siri? Or was it the rabid rabbit called Festus? [yup, named after the hillbilly deputy from the tv-series Gunsmoke, which ran from 1955-1975!] Pretty wild both of them, and not quite of the animals-to-pet kind. I still got this nasty scar on my wrist. That's from the cat. Well, what's in the pet shop, then? I've never been there before.

Fundamental is Pet Shop Boys' (PSP) 10th(?) album, and I've never been much of a fan. As a fact I've sort of turned into a state of nausea by hearing music like PSB and related slick pop for dancefloors. Nevertheless, there's always been something fascinating about them and their seemingly sterile music. Thanks to their wit and humor as well as political statements I guess. The boys (well, they've become middle-aged men by now...) - Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe - have been tagged "postmodern ironists" and stuff like that. Quite fitting. They're slick and cool and love to be so.

Musicwise Fundamental is a pumping source of energetic "disco dance" - which should fill up some dance floors around, plus a couple of ballads - for the, uh, afterplay. Check out the video for the Blair/Bush-critical "I'm With Stupid". Funny.

Meanwhile, it's back to the pet cemetary. Which one was it - cat or rabbit? Cat I believe. I like cats the better.

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