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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 119 - 06/11/06

Pacific Ocean Fire/Don's Mobile Barbers
Split 10"
Sorted Records

A split side 10" presenting two of Leicester's up and coming bands. Well, their names are new to me. Pacific Ocean Fire (I've heard one song, included on Comes With A Smile magazine's [R.I.P.] CD last winter in prior to this EP) and Don's Mobile Barbers. Both sounding quite American, playing music from the alt.rock, Americana, Grandaddy-meets-Neil-Young-ish terrain.

Pacific Ocean Fire (POF) have got three songs on their side, and "Never Gonna make Old Bones" turns out to be my favourite, especially when the trumpet kicks in and hints to something not far away from Neutral Milk Hotel. "Lost Chapters" is also fine, more slow floating and laidback. The same goes for "I'm a Stranger Here", which is a bit more anonymous. POF put out their self-titled debut album (on Smokeylung Records) last year, and will have their second one out by September (on Sorted Records). They describe their sound to be like "hands grasping in the darkness for the light switches".

Don's Mobile Barbers (DMB) on the other hand (and side) are two guys, and they've released three albums in two years, which I'll rush to check out. Here's Grandaddy quite obviously a fitting and necessary reference, especially for song two, "Always the Same". They've included 4 songs, of which 3 are alternate versions of previously released songs. "Anymore" is maybe their finest moment. Or final track "Solutions". An indeed pleasant new acquaintance. Check 'em out!

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