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Nightmares on Wax
In a Space Outta Sound
Warp Records

It's been awhile since I've listened to a new Warp Records album. The name Warp rings some bad and good bells for me. I remember some of the kids back in high school that were always like "yeah dude, warp records man". And uh, a lot of those kids didn't turn out so hot. But I suppose it wasn't their fault necessarily. You know, some people handle drugs better than others.

In fact, this is the first records in a long time that I didn't get stoned to listen to. Sure, I'm hopped up on an energy drink and a Bojangles biscuit, which feels pretty good to be honest. But those things are legal and they don't test you for them when you're getting a new job.

This first song has that "now" feeling. You know when a new sound just really reminds you somehow of that very moment in time. Time is flying. Songs like "Passion" have a nice way of sort of slowing it down, though. It's a dark feeling, in a lot of ways. The melody is sinister and slow-moving, careful not to draw too much attention to its intentions. It's all instrumental - with strong bass-drum/guitar combo. Voice samples bring the end of the song.

A toy-keyboard-bassdrum and crowd-voice samples introduce "The Sweetest". A more playful melody and big & dry drums bring the first verse. This is good, but I'm starting to get the feeling it's way better for putting on at a party. The first song's melody is engaging enough to keep your ears tuned even while you're alone, doing nothing else but listening. While the sampling is quite nice in "The Sweetest", somehow there isn't a strong catch. Again, it would be perfect at a social function, which is perhaps what the intention is.

Song 3 is "Flip Ya Lid". A whistle introduces a strong rhythm-guitar sample. Big drums bring the first verse again. A good sound. But again this release just falls a bit short of being engaging enough for a true headphones & couch experience. But it's recommended as a good purchase for a drunken night full of friends and talk.

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