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Chaotic Resolve
Curb Records

Plumb is essentially Tiffany Arbuckle Lee and her new record mixes radio friendly pop with harder rock. I'm reminded of Evanescence. Plumb came before them with several albums though. Lee's Christian faith is pronounced in her songs, but not so much as to alienate the atheists in the crowd. "I Can't do This" is all buzzing guitars and pure vocals. The piano ballad "Cut" is chilling in its portrayal of solitude. "Relief exists I find it when I'm cut" sings Lee. The chorus is piercing in its intensity. It's become a more accessible cousin to Throwing Muses "Delicate Cutters".

"Good Behavior" has meatier guitars and an almost industrial approach. "Jekyll and Hyde" sees the protagonist tell some obnoxious bloke that she'll try to forgive him instead of asking him to get lost. Lee's a good Christian in this. Well, at least she has a hard time doing it. And she mixes in enough general angst for those of us who can't stand happy happy joy joy stuff.

This is a very nice album.

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