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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 120 - 07/11/06

Giorgio Constantini

Giorgio Constantini has a long experience playing the pain in his native Italy and it shows. He has just released this highly competent exercise in solo piano.

The individual tracks have titles like "Elegia" and "Voyage". They bleed into each other for the most part, and form a melancholy but restful whole. It's a good record for those lazy Sunday afternoons. The washes of keyboard and the odd vocal element ensure its very listen able in a soundtrack to a film yet to be made kind of a way.

"Nero" sounds fittingly grand and it's choral parts draw attention to the fluidity of the piano playing. "Rain" recalls Ryichi Sakamoto's film music to Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence. This kind of music all too easily becomes aural wallpaper but Constantini displays enough skill to avoid that end.

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