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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 120 - 07/11/06

Doctor Echo presents: St. Croix
Echo Evahlastin'

The new record by Doctor Echo a.k.a Justin DeHart features Solange St. Croix on vocals.

The Doctor's dun stylings are intact from his last record, and the opener "Love Evahlastin'" is suitably spacey. St.Croix speaks dreamily of lovely places as a trumpet plays. "El Aguaaaah Y'la Sonrisa" takes us to the beach while the use of Wurlitzer adds something special. The sun-dazed vocal is partly in Spanish. "Ode to a short while spent backing in your beautiful" is a sweet song. St. Croix seems an accomplished poet as well as singer. She has something in common with the brilliant Dana Bryant whose album Wishing From The Top mixed the personal with the political well. This is a very accomplished album.

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