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Lily Allen
Alright Still

Little Lily Allen is the smashing pop-girl of this summer. The youngster has rocketed to the top of many hit lists around the world. And it's a well deserved achievement.

Alright Still holds a lot of tasty, bubbly summer pop, many songs with a touch of SKA/dub influences. Catchy tune and entertaining lyrics. Sort of a naughty girl (a teeny-poppy Princess Superstar?). Miss Allen has been involved in writing all of the 11 songs included, along with her team of producers/collaborators. Smash hit "Smile" has helped (check Mateo's piece last moon) a lot. But there's a lot of other uppers on this album. "Alfie" to pick one. Slightly reminiscent of 60s-oldie-goldie "Puppet on a String" if you ask me. Lily Allen sure is no puppet on a string. She's a Britney Spears with balls and brains.


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