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Night Fold Around Me
12 Apostles

ROC is Karen Sheridan, Fred Browning and Patrick Nicholson. The group's unusual sound was last heard eight years ago and that's a lot of water under the bridge. Their genre-busting is intact as is their ability to pen great songs.

The perfect chill-out track "River" sounds like Saint Etienne in recent years. "Journey to the Centre of Brixton" is perfectly balanced urban pop with a jagged edge. "Sing a Poor song" is a drifting lullaby with Browning's pleasant voice set against a soft backing. The song slowly grows to Spritualized-esque glacial heights. The pretty "Just one thing" is another lovely track. Sheridan's voice is beautiful. The bonus tracks offer up some interesting mixes and alternative versions.

ROC are a marvel and I hope they plan on sticking around.

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