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John Vanderslice and Suburban Kids w/ Biblical Names
Blå, Oslo, 12.11.2006

When John Vanderslice and band went on stage, I counted 27 people at the venue. It seemed like John was a bit uninterested in the beginning, but when the crowd (if you can call it that) started to cheer, something happened. If you have listened to records of John Vanderslice, you may be aware of soft harmonies and lo-fi use of percussion, it may be difficult to imagine this to be transferred to a live audience. Instead of covering the sound of the records he tries to give his songs a different sound live, which I think suits the songs. This means that the songs are much more rock oriented live. He communicated well with the few people who came this night, even played on when the play list was empty. Most of the material played tonight, were from the three last records. For a while, they wanted the "whole" crowd on stage, which was kind of weird, but funny.

After 23 songs they gave beer to the audience and stayed to talked and write autographs. I asked John if it is more difficult to play for few than many and he agreed. The band - Ian Bjornstad on Wurlitzer and Moog Source, Dave Douglas on drums and keyboards, David Broecker on bass, vocals and keyboards - was very tight and I was surprised to find out that they had only played together for a couple of months. The few who were gathered here that night had a blast. It's almost embarrassing to be a spectator at such a show. Hopefully next time around the Oslo music crowd will appreciate John Vanderslice with their presence.

Set list:
"Letter to the East Coast"
"Plymoth Rock"
"Underneath the Leaves"
"You Were My Fuji"
"Up Above the Sea"
"Keep the Dream Alive"
"White Plains"
"Promising Actress"
"Cool Purple Mist"
"They Won't Let Me Run"
"Pale Horse"
"Exodus Damage"
"Time Travel is Lonely"

"Me and My 24"
"My Old Flame"
"The Mansion"
+ two requests.

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