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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 128 - 03/04/07

Harlequin Jones

Harlequin Jones is fronted by Amanda von Loon. Their debut EP is a striking proposition. Amanda's strong vocals and piano propel the tracks and make them an intriguing listen.

"Gutter Tango" sounds suitably dramatic and nods a little in the way of the new alternative cabaret scene. Von Loon has the chops to be her own woman though. "Zombie Vampires from Hell" has a great title and transcends any silliness by being genuinely scary. No strings are used; it's just von Loon's intense vocals and piano to guide us through hell. The best track is the bluesy "Lord Only Knows" which might remind you of Polly Harvey.

Harlequin Jones have more tricks up their sleeves and this is essential listening.

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