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Richard Buckner
Merge Records

I've been a "Bucknerite" as of the first time I heard his wonderful growl in "Blue And Wonder" off of his debut Bloomed (1994). I'd go as far as to say that he is actually a one-off in music today, and has been these last 18 years. This is his 8th effort on his own, 9th including his collaboration with Jon Langford (the Welsh artist/musician of The Mekons - check out his various art-works) under the name Sir Dark Invader vs. The Fanglord.

Dents And Shells (2004) had it's wonderful moments, but unfortunately not as compelling and persuasive as his best, Bloomed, Richard Buckner, Since. But I'm happy to report that this is his best in a long time.

I've had Meadow running on my stereo from the day I got it and have neither quite gotten to the core of it nor tired of it. There's something about the way he tells his stories, how he arranges the tunes and the lines that sneak in here and there that captures me. He's as casual as he's confident and as devoted as he is dire. But one thing you can't claim him for not being is passionate. Songs such as the opener "Town", the middle "Before" and the end "The Tether And The Tie" all carry drive, beauty and good stories.

I'll say it again, we won't get anything like Buckner and I will always truly look forward to his next move - with good reasons. Meadow is the proof, the hope and the hail of good music.

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