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Brett Dennen
So Much More
Dualtone Music Group

When I first picked up Dennen's name, I got it from sources that usually keep me posted on the country side of things, and my expectations went that-a-way. I could have been sadly mistaken but it turned out to be wrong on the very right side of it all.

The guy's got the songs, the voice and a band that obviously adores his material. And he's got the wordplays right. He's got the ease, the cool, the direction. Sometimes he gets me thinking about the young Dylan sung as a "less vocal" Ron Sexsmith, if you get the picture.

He mixes different genres as if he didn't care in the first place and blend it all into something very significant for himself, only. Beats that take me down the Mississippi, lead on by guitars that takes me to Africa, working beneath stories that take place (in my mind's eye) in trailer parks.

Better than being a voice of the new generation he's the voice of either side of any generation.

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