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Eco Band
Eco Band

When Eco Band from Rauma played support for Black Debbath at the local hotel late last year, they were so pleased with the mixing and recording done by Debbath sound man Hugo Alvarstein, that they decided to release the concert on CD. So besides a great sounding recording, what do we get? First of all, guitars that are solid all the way through, making Eco Band's strain of melodic hard rock/metal sound fresher than it actually is. Musically there's nothing new here, but it's great to hear the energy they put into it. This being a rather raw live recording, it is easy to forget the occasional smaller errors and lagging rhythm, especially when they come up with a song like Alcoholic Dreams, which is the undesputable highlight. Close to AC/DC, I can almost feel the smell of beer flying in the air.

Check out Eco Band at NRK Urørt (click "Lytt" to listen to Alcoholic Dreams).

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