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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 129 - 04/02/07

Stolen Babies
There Be Squabbles Ahead
The End Records/No Comment Records

Stolen Babies enter the fray, guns blazing with the furious metal of opener "Spill". Singer Dominque Persi caterwauls like a trooper and guitarist Rani Sharone plays like an axe god. But soon things turn richer and stranger. "Awful Fall" sees them adding odd tempos and toy instruments to the mix. No longer just metal, but they become a weirder and more formidable beast.

At times they sound like the band in a Tom Burton film and they seem aware of it by dressing like one. They can hardly be called metal even if dress up and clown around. Their new label mates Sleepytime Gorilla Museum deal in equally unclassifiable hijinks. Bless them all. "A year of judges" seems like one of the more conventional songs, which isn't saying much. It's got a catchy tune and Persi's singing is rapturous. "Push button" is a neat rock song and might be a hit in just universe. Well we all know were we're living. But make it a brighter place by buying this album.

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