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The Curtains
Asthmatic Kitty

The Curtains is the project of Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof, Natural Dreamers). Calamity is the fourth album, and it's a more focused one. At least compared to the 2002 debut Fast Talks (Thin Wrist, yes, that's the name of the label). File under thin wristed experimental indie art-pop.

Cohen is truly a DIY artist. On Calamity he's done everything except trombone, which was played by stable mate John Ringhofer (Half-Handed Cloud), and vocal harmonies was added by singer/songwriter Nedelle Torrisi. Plus vocals by Yasi Perera on "Invisible String". The Curtains' music is indie-pop. Partly related to the Pavement path, partly connected to the waters of Sufjan Stevens (another stable mate). Opener "Go Lucky" is indeed feeling like a stroke of luck, a soft touch of happiness. "Green Water" follows, and is more of the warm-hearted pop. Cohen's lyrics are little poems, and his music is feeling quite 'poetic' as well. "Tornado Traveler's Fear" and "Roscomare" are another examples of fine songs, guided by poem-like lyrics.

"Frown on me or yawn, slipped on the driveway, slipped on the lawn. Property gone, property's all gone. It all got away, done over now. All the good friends gone - my line ends with you. I'll make everything all new, all over, done, not a memory." ("Roscomare").

The Curtains is something for you if you're into Half-Handed Cloud, Deerhoof, Sufjan, Brother Danielson - artist like that. Twisted indie with a 'folk' feel.

Nicely done, The Curtains. Take some curtain calls.

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