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Pissed Jeans
Hope For Men
Sub Pop

Pissed Jeans play angry, dirty, primal noise-punk, as Butthole Surfers, Melvins, Jesus Lizard and (a much sped-up) Killdozer once did. This is in-your-face, hitting like a steamroller type rock. I might prefer the originals.

Hope For Men is their second album, but their Sup Pop debut. The quartet for sure blasts out their songs with a devilish grin. Singer Matt Korvette screams his lungs out from the deep, Bradley Fry's guitar is a barbed wire fence, while the rhythm section (bassist Dave Rosenstraus and drummer Sean McGuinness) is pounding out warlike drum'n'bass heartbeats. I see their point and I sense the portions of humour along the way. Yet I prefer some more melodic touch, even when it comes to brutal rock. "I've Still Got You (Ice Cream)" and "Caught Licking Leather" are quite cool tracks. The rest of the album, well, I'm feel a bit on the sideline. I guess, as with many a band, the live experience must be a better way to get dragged along for the ride.

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