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Chuck Prophet
Soap and Water
Cooking Vinyl

Taking it for granted that people know Chuck Prophet by now, I should check my references and rather introduce the man. Being the guitarist and writer (with Dan Stuart) on seven albums with the great Green On Red, the band sort of dissolved - or imploded if you will - in 1992 two years after he released his first solo album, "Brother Aldo". Out here again, with his seventh solo up his sleeve.

As much as Green On Red had their own sound and song-writing trademark, Prophet has gone on and created his. You can't really make a mistake about a Prophet album. Soap And Water being no exception. Though some has made remarks about resemblances to Petty, he could never do neither "Freckle Song" nor "Doubter Out Of Jesus (All Over You). Mentioning Karl Wallinger's World Party wouldn't be so far off track either.

A good set of songs, a good band and inventive arrangements make a very good record. But I have to admit I kind of miss his gutsy guitar and head-on attitude - as much as I of course understand why he wants to let his axe rest for a bit. I'd love to recommend you another fine new Prophet album, but if you want a perfect place to start, go back and pick up "Brother Aldo" and "No Other Love".

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