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Parker Street Cinema
Music, In The Blood
Abandoned Love Records

Parker Street Cinema is a Californian three-piece (piano, bass and drums) performing dramatic and funky, post-rock music. Funky is not a positive word in my personal dictionary. The 'funky' attitude here is maybe in the style of Mr. Bungle and/or Faith No More? Well, it could've been worse. Music, In The Blood is Parker Street Cinema's debut album, following their self titled EP.

If your looking for an instrumental, post-rock version of Ben Folds's Parker Street Cinema for you. Music, In The Blood is piano-driven instrumental music which easily could be filed in the post-rock shelves. These shelves might have become a bit weary over the last years. Yet, Parker Street Cinema have come up with a stylish and cool-grooving record. Maybe not renewing a genre, but presenting a fine album of melodic and rhythmic thrills and twists. Cinematic music, for sure. For the darker side of the screen.

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