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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 138 - 12/24/07

Jesca Hoop

Jesca Hoop is an interesting artist and for her to be on a major label is a great thing. After some independent EPs she sets sail with this inventive full length.

"Seed of Wonder" uses a staccato rhythm against Hoop's angelic vocals. The song builds slowly towards a stunning crescendo. "Silverscreen" muses "Gates of heaven open there's me on the silverscreen /Hope they did good editing" The slightly Björk-y quirk suits the song. "Dreams in the Hollow" is dreamy and sweet, Hoop playing to her strengths. "Love is All We Need" movingly details the tragedy that struck New Orleans. Jesca Hoop is a talented artist and this is one of the years' best albums.

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