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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 142 - 04/20/08

Christer Lindén med Stark

Christer Lindén interprets the words of Swedish poet Dan Andersson on his new album with the group Stark. They have a rootsy sound with a contemporary vibe, and that sets them apart from other versions of the poets' works. Andersson is still well loved in Sweden and Björn Ulveaus topped the charts with one those poems set to music, pre-Abba. "Hemlös" (Homeless) is driven by a strong rock sense and Lindén's vocals add the necessary pathos. "Gengångare"(Ghost) is a reflective poem of the human condition that gets a sensitive, piano-driven reading. Lindén's own "Sång till Dan Andersson" is a self-explanatory and empathic ode to the poet. "Utan dig(till min broder)" Without You (for my brother)" is another of Lindén's own songs and it's for his younger brother who was killed in a hit and run accident. There's no doubting Lindén's sincerity and it's a song that everyone who's lost a loved one should be able to relate to. Lindén and his band have made an album that many listeners should enjoy.

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