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Analogue I/O
Boat Club
Skyeyesea Records

Analogue I/O is a one man studio project created by Thom Smith, who's into ambient tape music with a dark (film noir for the modern age? Well, maybe more like some new French 'nouvelle vague') cinematic feel. This debut 5-song EP Boat Club is ambient of the good and creative kind - not the stuff that makes you sleepy.

Boat Club was recorded in Smith's own studio and shows both beauty and temper. Imagine a (much) more chilled out Mogwai (unplugged as well), or even Beirut (as in some of the stuff from the latest album) signed to the Constellation label, inspired by those Canadians. F.i. as with the track "Rough Loops". Opening track "Almost There" is a brittle and delicate piece of swaying, dreamy ambient pop. Perfectly flavoured with 'musical box' and brass effects. "81 Bridge" has a very romantic mood, without getting sticky or pompous. The slowly looping atmosphere and tranquil moments are most pleasing. The sound throughout the EP is rich and warm, and it seems Smith's quite a multi-instrumentalist. By listening to Boat Club you'll get the feeling of seeing his music flicker by as many frames per second. The cine-feeling is quite obvious and present. Enjoy, with the lights out.

Analogue I/O is indeed a positive new acquaintance. Check Thom Smith's music on the Myspace site or from the record label Skyeyesea. You can download stuff for free. Or you can pay, which I recommend to do.

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