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From the psychedelic vaults,
(Creation of) Sunlight: s/t
Windi Records [reissued by Lion (CD) / Void (LP)]


What a unique band Sunlight was! With elements of psychedelia and progressive leanings surrounded by pop sensibilities, there was really nothing else like them. Strawberry Alarm Clock comparisons have been made but Sunlight had much more depth than all the SAC'S lps put together. No hipsters, these boys were the real deal!

The musicianship here is truly amazing throughout and the vocal arrangements are dead on, a professional album, an epic if you will. My favorite of the lp is "Right Here In The Middle of Happy", every time I hear it, I can't help but sing along. But what about the band? Where did they come from and how come they didn't make it? First of all the band's name was Sunlight not (Creation of) or Sunlights Seven, though they may have been called those names at some point in time. All of the members were from the Long Beach and went to high school together aside from vocal genius Gary Young (assumed name). Gary Young came to Califronia from Oklahoma in the mid 60's as a member of the Torques. Jerry was asked to join the Torques as the organ player circa 1964-65. Over the next year or so, some of Jerry's high school friends also joined the band and Sunlights Seven were born.

Around this time Gary had met Bob Engemann of the (Letterman) and the new Windi label was formed. Bob's brother had been a big producer with Capitol Records and Bob decided to try his hand with a label. Bob was determined to do this on his own with no help from big bro and this may have added to the poor promotion of such a great album. The band released the single "David" backed with a psychy version of "Judy in Disguise". Bob was based out of Provo Utah at the time, hence the connection to the other legendary band on the label Utah's Merkin. A decision was made to press 500 albums and the release was made. Poor sales, can you imagine????? and poor promotion and the album faded away into obscurity and into future psych collectors wet dreams. Now an original fetches four fugures when found. The album is a pop psychedelic masterpiece like no other, an epic if you will! "David" and "Right In The Middle of Happy" are as good as anything the 60's had to offer. Alarm Clock you say, balderdash. Sunlight blows them away on every level.

During their time of 4-5 years together, the band played many concerts at famous venues of the day. They finished second in a large battle of the bands at the Hollywood Bowl and played the Whiskey with many notable bands of the day. Talk of a second album continued for awhile but alas, nothing came to fruition. Whether the Windi label was looking for a "tax scam" is often debated to this day.I searched many years to find the band and when I finally did, it was the end of a beautiful journey into Sunlight!

(CREATION OF) SUNLIGHT - a five star gem.

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