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Reel Noise Records/Musikkoperatørene

Plywood have been reviewed in the past here at the Luna K., both when they were Anders::Plywood as well as after chopping off the first half of the band's name. Vitesse is their second album, presenting more of the same: rock with a hard-on.

Plywood is a powerful threesome thrusting out hard-type rock. They claim to play hard indierock, but I'd rather label them more as a trad. modern hard-rock band, with a touch of (dust of) stoner. The problem is that I feel they're driving a bit to safe and clinging to many clichés (by accident. I guess), musically and vocally as well as lyrically. Most of the 10 songs more or less thunder by. "Fade Away" (a tad of steel-guitar!) is slightly different, but Plywood should've been more willing to experiment - just like I said last time, on their debut album.

Sorry, boys, but Vitesse isn't strong enough, even though there are some cooler songs, such as "Cold", "Heads On In", "The Plan" and "Core". It's like in the Dutch football league: Vitesse can't match the bigger clubs.

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