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coverpic flag Israel - Full Moon 145 - 07/18/08

Windy and Destiny
Words For Such A Riot

Israel's Windy and Destiny consists of Michal and Amir Noy. Their slightly psychedelic music is pleasant and accomplished.

"Unseen Side" is dreamy and slightly odd, with Michal Noy singing in her softest whisper. "A House for You" is one of the best songs here, a slight tingle of Mazzy Star's midnight soul is obvious. Like all the songs here it has its share of mystery and wonder. "Dear Grace" is another shiver of a song with a strong guitar part and lovely vocals. "Beg Me Please" allows the band free reign with their sixties influences and they come up with a tune worthy of Jefferson Airplane. It's an intriguingly odd and sweet record this.

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