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Vermillion Lies
What's in the Box
Self-realased / Vermillion Lies

Sisters Kim and Zoe Boekbinder form the charmingly oddball cabaret act Vermillion Lies. Their second album is off kilter but delightful at they play and sings as no others can.

"Golbal Warming" manages to be humorous even as it laments nature's troubles caused by mankind. It's even a sing along of sorts. "Wednesdays' Child" is a piano lament of being born on a sad day. The gorgeous lead vocal and piano make it a winner. "She Comes" is set to a chain gang rhythm and proves the sisters' versatility and playful wit. "The Astronomer" is a playful tango about of all things "sexy planets" and it's just as funny as it sounds. This album is wise and foolish, sweet and sour. A complete experience in other words.

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