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Joe Soko
Floss Like a Beast
Fuzzy Planet Productions

Comedy in music is said to be hard, as if having fun somehow should upset the delicate sensibilities of the indie fans. Joe Soko has made an album of silly, but mostly very funny songs in a folk music way.

He has made a song called "Renegade Cows", which is funny in a Gary Larson kind of a way. It's ridiculously catchy and easy to like. He titles a song "What Kind of Jerkoff Do You Think I Am?" and pulls it off by having a great folky tune for it. Elsewhere he celebrates gerbils gone berserk and says his nuts are on fire. Literal nuts lest there's any doubt. You get the idea. I think. You have to be in the right mood to enjoy this but if you are it's a scream.

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