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coverpic flag US - New York - Full Moon 145 - 07/18/08

My Brightest Diamond
A Thousand Shark's Teeth
Asthmatic Kitty

Shara Wordern follows her amazing debut with another accomplished effort. Her vocals are still striking and the instrumentation stunning. "Inside a Boy" is bold and orchestral and her trembling soprano voice reaches Jeff Buckley-like heights. "If I Were Queen" is quieter and slower, but Worden's vocals are still a strong presence. The song is placid and ethereal, with a melody to pierce the coldest of hearts. "Black and Costaud" relies on strings to build a palpable tension and the song slightly resembles Björk's Vespertine album. "Like a Sieve" is slowly undulating with mysterious sounds building the song strongly. The album holds a peculiar magic just like the first one did.

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