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Shaheen Sheik

Shaheen Sheik's sophomore album sees the artist reaching untold heights. She has her roots in India and that influences her very urban sound here and there.

"Coconut" sees Sheik playfully emulate a radio-friendly sound and pen a conscious lyric about racial prejudice. The spoken word bits used really add to the songs message of being proud of who you are. "Dainty Lady" has a clear Indian feel and is geared at the dance floor as Sheik sings angelically. "In You" is sensuous and sweet, Sheik's siren-voice lost ion soft beats, the frantic part only heightens the songs appeal.

"Here we go" features a lead vocal that reminds me of Neneh Cherry and an antiwar message that's easy to agree with. The melody's supple and lovely and the music pours forth like a river. Shaheen Sheik's new album is a strong statement and a good record all in one.

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