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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 147 - 09/15/08

Jeff Wagner's Tunnel of Love
An Eternity of Blood
Glorious Alchemical Co

Jeff Wagner's previous album was pretty interesting, Cramps-style psychobilly gone completely weird. The follow-up is equally bent, perhaps even weirder as all the songs are about blood. The press-sheet says it resembles Prince's Sign O The Times. Well, that's a lie. Coil is also mentioned which appears more truthful.

"Shiny Claws" blithely tells of a monster and merrily trundles along like a fairground ride gone awry. "A Fright" is rough-hewn psychdelia with its head on fire, running around trying to out itself out, but failing. "No Sleep 2-night" (ah Prince-style spelling, so that's what it meant) is Wagner's idea of a romantic song. No, really. It means a tense lament for a sleepless night that has a bluesy tune to support it. The vocal is as slithery as a snake. "The Wildest Creature" has a deliciously cheap sound and Wagner sounds like a real feral man. This won't appeal to all, but quite a few will adore it.

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