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coverpic flag England - Full Moon 148 - 10/14/08

Plastic Heroes
Escape From The Lower End
Plastic Productions/Bongo Beat

Plastic Heroes are fronted by Marc Olivier and also consists of Simon Nelson and Racer X (I'm sure that's his real name). They play hooky glam-influenced rock with enough saltiness to ensure a balanced sound.

"All the Scenes" merrily darts along like a less chirpy Blur meets T Rex. Olivier makes for a powerful frontman, not least on this track. "Mary B!" is a celebratory track of an almost irresistible flavor. Olivier finds his inner rock star and drops French phrases with style. "Television (sucks me in)" kicks in wide-open doors by sneering at celebrity culture, but the songs to entrancing for that to matter. Olivier comes on like Ziggy-era Bowie and boy can he play guitar. "Fifteen Years" is a heavier track with a headspinning energy to it.

Plastic heroes wont change the world, but their album should brighten just about anyone's day and that's worth a lot.

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