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Lucinda Williams
Little Honey
Lost Highway

Word had it that this ninth album from the Queen of Americana could be of the joyous and cheerful sort. This, due to her own well-being these days. And truly, good for her. But I'm not of those who believe that person and art need to go hand I hand. Exceptional and great artists go beyond that. And that's where you find Lucinda.

Ok, some songs on this album reflects upon the happier sides of life and love. But, of course, not of the nauseating kind. But, it's not only about the lyrics - although I'm often the one asking for better storytellers. It's the first time she's working with producers Eric Liljestrand and Tom Overby, but this has not done anything drastic with the sound Williams is known for.

So, briefly, a new Lucinda record with 12 new compositions and one cover song. It's groovy, it's swinging, it's moving and touching. I've only lived with it for a day (release date 13th) but I am pretty sure that songs like the opener "Real Love", title track and the AC/DC cover "It's A Long Way To The Top" will keep on shaking me if I wanna rock 'n roll. Her voice is as strong and soulful as ever and the band really sounds like a band. I'll confidently advice anyone with a heart for Americana drama to pick this one up. And if this is unknown territory, you'll have loads of more pleasures in the Lucinda back catalog.

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