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Sean O'Brien & His Dirty Hands
Goodbye Game
First Cold Press

It's been two years since O'Brien's last album release, Seed of Mayhem, his third solo album. This album doesn't stray far from the sound on SOM, without expectations of every band turning around to do something completely different on each record. Where SOM was edgier and rougher, Goodbye Game has a sense of drama more than rock in it. Songs and arrangements are on the softer side and the lyrics on the mundane.

"Warm & Sane" has got something to it, some nerve and demanding. "Bones Snap" a certain welcoming kindness. "All That I Don't Know" has a John Cale (as O'Brien's voice does resemble) type of quality to it.

This time around the stronger points can't make up for the weaker on this record.

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