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coverpic flag US - Tennessee - Full Moon 148 - 10/14/08

Warner E. Hodges
Jerkin' Crocus

A train is gonna hit your local record store on November 3. It will be heard by blasting classic riffs and solos known also from Jason & The Scorchers. This is not a warning, simply reminding you of where you might want to be that day.

Funny, I don't remember how it happened, but I somehow stopped listening to J&TS and cowpunk some years ago. I only came to remember it now, with Hodges' Centerline. Then again, with this one out I really don't need to go back to those old records immediately. Ten years since I last heard from The Scorchers on record, Hodges released Disciples of Loud (2003) and this one's a fresh as a baby.

Reviewed elsewhere in the Lunar post this monthly is the new record by Dan Baird. There is a tight connection between the two records, being played and sung, respectively, by these two men. I'd go as far as to say that whatever said about Baird's record goes for this one as well. This is the rougher of the two, so I'd suggest you start the party with Baird and as soon as the whiskey's on the table, this goes in the cd-player.

None of these could get you down. They're working hard at throwing a party, and it would be difficult not wanting to join in. Lovely harmonica solo, rolling into a just as beautiful guitar solo, on I Love You Baby. Respectful balladery on "Time Marches On". Catchy (can I say "radio friendly") as hell "Air That I Breathe" and a retake of J&TS's "Harvest Moon" to end the ball. His logo says "guts, guitars, amps, attitude" and I'm all for it.

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