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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 150 - 12/12/08

My Little Pony
Think Too Much
Spoon Train Audio/Tuba!

My Little Pony were one of the bands presented by Spoon Train Audio's OSLO! compilation which was released some moonths back, just before the summer. My Little Pony are just one of many newer indie-pop from out of the underground. Their sound and their expression is indeed charming, recalling some of the bands from the Perfect Pop roster. Maybe also the US label Kindercore (to name one) could be something to compare to.

Ola Innset is the 'pony show stable master' of My Little Pony (MLP), being the songwriter, guitarist and main singer. His songs unveil frail beauty and sudden charm. The songs have got neat arrangements, as well as fine seasoning, brass, string and wood style. MLP are 7 all together (by judging the picture inside the CD), plus a long list of friends and helpers - including US band Red Pony Clock, and producer Sjur Lyseid (from the band Little Hands of Asphalt - who had the brilliant 'title track' "Oslo" on the mentioned compilation). Think Too Much holds 10 songs, clocking in at some 33-34 minutes, which is quite perfect if you're asking me. Not all the songs are of the same solid calibre, but as a whole this debut album is a whole lot more than promising.

If you're fed up with brain-dead gonzo-rock you could check out some 'back to the roots' indie-pop, with several legs in many decades.

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