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Ida Olsson
Ida & Simon

When Swedish singer/songwriter Ida Olsson turned 30, Simon Ljungman gave her the recording, mix and master of her next album, her third, as a birthday present. The result of this is the album Ida & Simon. And it is not hard to say that she has used her present well.

Ida & Simon is one of those albums you listen to and think that maybe, maybe there is something there. And then you acctually start listening. Mostly beacuse of the fragile, but yet so strong lyrics. Words that make you long for those long gone days of spring. Words that just make you want to stop for a little while and feel your could-have-been heartache, or the memory of starting all over again.

But the lyrics alone couldn't make this album worth listening to if it wasn't for Ida Olsson's tender, but soulful voice, and the delicate use of strings and piano. Like on the song "Hittat Hem", where she also uses the harmonica as it should be used for such moods, or the quiet ballad "Håll henne inte så hårt" where her almost wishperlike singing touches you more than any scream. And my personal favourite; the melancholy pianobased "Ringa in nått nytt", whith its purple dark chords that still is so full of intense beautiful hope.

And it is how she (or they, since Ida & Simon also is a duo) manage to keep this production so tight and calm, even speaking of life and love, that makes these jazz and chanson inspired folk ballads more than just perfectly nice.

So all in all, Ida & Simon is not an album that will sweep you off your feet, but it is a most pleasant gift for the listener as well as her.

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