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Deep 6 Holiday
Awake at the Funeral

Deep 6 Holiday consists of Tyler Azelton and John Graves. They make a particularly exciting brand of alternative music; with a somberness that might recall Dead Can Dance.

"Strong" features Azelton give on of her must luminous vocals and play her piano well. The song has a strong prog rock vibe. "It's Not Me" has some fluid piano playing and an intriguing lyric about denial. Azelton's singing is as ever spot on. "Anastasia" is a lovely, becalmed song with a dark undertow. It seems like a lullaby sung from a mother to a daughter, but the words speak of sleeping forever. The feel of something out of a Lloyd-Webber musical is well done. "Empty Casket" is a classic in the making, a soaring melody held in place by the vocal and a soul-searching lyric. This debut is one of the year's best and it deserves a large audience.

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