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The Micah Walk Band
Bright Side Fantasy
MWB (self released)

The Micah Walk Band is centred around songwriter Micah Walk and play a brand of Americana that feels familiar yet adept. You can find traces of Creedence, Golden Smog and Whiskeytown throughout this record. Opener "Goodbye Austin" sees Walk sing at the top of his ability and the band follow him well. "I Don't Mind" is a softer song, Walk in a reflective mood, set to an intimate backing. The title song is a sad and very appealing song that shows the band at their best. Walk and company approach a rootsier sound here than before and it suits them.

The album is a bit on the lengthy side, but it does give them time to show off most of their repertoire in all its richness. "Above Water" is a plaintive and well-played song with a bluesy slant to it. Micah walk band could be the best band you’ve never heard of.

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