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Creech Holler
The Shovel and The Gun
Bucket City

The Shovel and The Gun is Creech Holler's second album, the follow-up to their 2006 debut With Signs Following, and - according to the press sheet notes - Creech Holler "...continues a unique musical exploration of Southern Gothic themes like murder, misery, religion, and death." Wooh-hoooooooooooh...

Creech Holler are a Tennessee/North Carolina based threesome counting Jeff Zentner (guitar, vocals), Joseph Campbell (bass, melodica, vocals), and Christian Brooks (drums, tambourine, foot stomp). They perform a greasy, sweaty, swampy mix of Southern rock and Americana. Quite rootsy, partly bluesy, and not a bad listen. Even for me, almost being allergic to 'the blues'. Some of Creech Holler's songs point in Capt. Beefheart's wild direction, others are more traditional. Four of the 11 tracks are covers/takes of trad. songs. Creech Holler play tight and rough, and do have a bad attitude (as in performing the devil's music) working good. They are for real.

All in all, a positive experience, even tough the album has its highs and lows. Creech Holler are probably a killer live.

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