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Psycho Nubs
Alley of the Ignots
Psycho Nubs

Two-piece punk band Psycho Nubs are back and they are as sharp and effective as ever. Their songs are short, sharp and generally hard-edged. They rip though seventeen songs in half an hour and that's your lot. "Zombie Hill" unsurprisingly pays tribute to old horror movies while Brandon Owens and Nick Shadle riff on their guitars like mad. "Mary Anne" is about a "Gilligan's Island" character, but sounds like the Ramones.

"Olive Man" riffs toughly and sees the Nubs at their punkiest and toughest. It's reassuring that one of them plays the Kazoo somehow. That's punk too and this record sure is lean and mean and ready to get turned up louder. Live they are sure to impress too.

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