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Castile Jackine Is Vooded At Broonus Mousin: Volume 1
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Pee-Pee has a childish, silly name but the music anything but. Songwriter Doo Crowder leads his band through a freaky, but evocative soundscape in the Americana genre.

"Madness Song" descends lovingly into complete improvised mayhem, complete with shouted enquiries from irate neighbors. It features some neat guitar playing. "Love needs a quivering, restless aching fire to lay its head don" is really as strange and moving as it gets. Crowder and his folks get their freak on, and deliver a sensitive somewhat Flaming Lips-esque song with an odds sense of pace. "Freak Out Jam" lives up to its title and last ten weird minutes. Crowder and band play like they are on fire. "I Love U 2 Much" gets funky, which surprisingly cool results and a female vocal lead which is cool. Pee-Pee is not like any other band you know.

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