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Where Hearts Go Broke
Hidden Shoal Recordings

After listening to Hotels new single, Hydra, I had kind of high expectations for this album. And as "Hydra" announced, Hotels has on their second album, Where Hearts Go Broke, delivered a most delightful album, that fulfils every expectation.

Where Hearts Go Broke could be described as Joy Division on surf boards in space. And it's not as odd as it may seem. On their previous album, Thank You For Choosing..., Hotels were very influenced by gothic synth pop, new wave and the likes of Joy Division. But as the band partly moved from New York to Seattle, it seems like they left much of that behind, embracing the surf music of the West Coast. And this change to more surf-like rhythms also give more room for the retro sci-fi pop sound.

This doesn't mean that the new wave is totally absent. Especially on the tracks "Port of Saints" and "The Maudlin", it is most definitely present. Yet, with more space-tone and lightness than in their previous work. Which is something that becomes them well. These two tracks, and the magnificent "The Heart That Hears Like A Bat" are also the songs that stands out as highlights on this all-over-good album. The latter a slow, lounge tune that takes you to the 70ies dreamy sci-fi soundscapes.

With this fusion of new wave synth pop, surf and sci-fi sounds, Hotels delivers something close to a perfect pop album. With just the right amount of nerve, romance and sophistication.

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