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Phil Putnam
Box of wood Music

Phil Putnam's a determined artist and has recorded six albums over the past eight years. His new album sees the singer/pianist reach an even more intriguing phase. His sensistive, smart songs are refined and belong in the company of people like Ben Folds and Tori Amos.

"Severity" has some of his best piano playing and a neat, shuffling rhythm. Vocally he reaches out and succeeds in his goal of emoting. "Paris" paints an endearingly dreamy view of the French capital. Putnam's gift for visual imagery and poised, sophisticated melodies really pays off here. "I'm No Prize" self-depreciatingly looks at the insecurities of the singer and somehow finds peace with them. Someone who's this funny is of course a prize for any lucky person. "I swear to you on Elton John's pink feather caps/ fantastic on the thighs/ But I'm no prize" he deadpans. "Dancing Your Demons" is about facing your demons bravely, and will no doubt give strength to those who need it. The melody is a lovely, stately thing and the vocal is just gorgeous.

There's no doubt Putnam's achieved what he wanted with this record.

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