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The Stone Coyotes
Red Cat Records

Stone Coyotes have a long and interesting history. The trio have been the inspiration for a band in a novel by crime author Elmore Leonard an singer Barbara Keith has written songs that people like Tanya Tucker and Lowell George have recorded. Doug Tibbles has written for tv shows like "The Munsters" and "Bewitched". The eight album is rock in the purest sense. "Land of the Living" is fiery and direct, Keith's guitar parts and vocals snarling like a coyote.

"The Lights of Home" is a nicely understated country ballad, Keith's vocals proving adept at this style too. The lyrics are movingly written about homecoming. "Trouble Down in Texas" is a lively tale of a femme fatale, underpinned by a great beat and some spirited playing. "A Charmed Life" is a tough, rhythmic song that brings out the best in the trio, rocking frantically. Their new album is well worth a look.

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